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Should I Get A Pe​t Health Plan?

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A lot of the issues that you normally see affecting your pets can be identified early. With a rapid intervention and depending on the condition of your dog, cat, or any other pet, the illnesses can be delayed or even prevented altogether. Having regular checkups of your pets as they grow through the different life stages will help ensure you catch any health issues early on. However, many pet owners are often reluctant when it comes to booking appointments because they see the cost of consultation fees and medication fee as a barrier too hard to cross.

Free Vet Visits 

With free consultations you can now be safe rather than sorry. Get the smallest worry looked at. This is especially great for younger pets, puppies and kittens are always getting into trouble. Village Vets have clinics open 7 days a week.

Free Booster Vaccinations 

Keep your pets protected with annual booster vaccinations. This includes kennel cough for dogs and leukaemia of cats. Don’t worry about keeping track of the last time your pet has had them. We will send you a message when your loved one is due for their booster.

Keep your pet parasite free 

Your pet will be kept free from flea and worms with our prevention packs on the Pet Health Plan Plus. So you can make sure your best friend isn’t carrying any extra passengers into your home.

Remain on the lookout for the best Pet Health Plan for your pet 

Most Pet Health Plans that are offered by vets focus on illness prevention and are designated to make sure you take control of your pet’s health.

A proper pet health plan allows you to be prepared for the future as it helps you keep your pet healthy for a long time. It will also be a great addition to your pet insurance as there is a possibility the insurance will cover most of the expensive treatments that might or might not be covered by our plans.

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Village Vets: Get the best pet health plans to take best care of your pet 

Depending on your pet’s size and species, you can get the best pet health plans by Village Vets tailored to suit your needs. This Dublin vet has a number of clinics around Dublin and it’s greater area. The regular plan for dogs will cost you €17 per month while the plan for cats cost €15 per month. You will even get an option of the “Plus Plan” and this will include flea and worm treatment throughout the year. The plus plan starts at €25 per month depending on the size of your dog, while cats are €21 a month.

As soon as you have selected the plan and signed up for it, you and your pet will be able to reap a lot of free or discounted services including:

  • Unlimited vet consultations
  • Annual Booster vaccinations
  • Annual urine and blood tests
  • 10% discount on neutering
  • 20% discount when buying Royal Canin food.
  • Parasite (flea and worm) prevention pack (only in the Plus Plan)

Should I Get A Pet Health Plan?