• What is a Puppy Contract?

    Too often, we see and hear of dreadful cases of people – unknowingly – buying their pets from puppy farms, run by unofficial breeders whose primary aim is to profit off the sale of animals without much regard for their health or welfare. When buying a new puppy, it can be quite difficult to know what to look for in a good breeder. Village Vets launched the Puppy Contract to help you during that process.
    Remember: think adoption first!

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    Our Mission is to make lives better through excellence in veterinary care while truly caring for the best interests of our patients, customers and colleagues.

    We are guided daily by the following values:

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    We are a family owned veterinary practice since 1980. Find out more about Village Vets here.

  • What We Believe

    Our vision is that through educating the general public with its Puppy Contract, puppy farming will become policed through public expectations and will allow responsible and ethical breeding of dogs. The Puppy Contract should become a fundamental part of every buyer’s purchasing process to ensure they make educated decisions about the seller they are dealing with. It is only when buyers choose to purchase from reputable sellers, will we reduce, and hopefully someday, eliminate unethical breeding of dogs.

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    Village Vets

    Dublin woman slams puppy farms as she recalls devastating death of family dog

    When Love Island star Molly Mae Hague’s boyfriend Tommy Fury wanted to buy her a puppy for her 21st birthday, he turned to a UK-based dealer who imports pups for €5,000 from Russia


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    Plan for online puppy sale restrictions

    Good news! As you all may remember on 29th January 2019, Charles Cosgrave, Vet and MD of Village Vets asked Minister Sean Canney TD for his support in regarding changes needed to the Dog Breeding Establishment Act to prevent puppy farming. Today Seán Canney is considering a cap on the number of dogs a breeder can own and also to place restrictions on the sale of puppies online.


    Village Vets Puppy Farming Government Meeting January 2019

    Meeting with Minister Sean Canney TD

    Government meeting to prevent puppy farming.

    On 29th January 2019, Charles Cosgrave, Vet and MD of Village Vets, was part of a delegation that met with Minister Sean Canney TD regarding changes needed to the Dog Breeding Establishment Act to prevent puppy farming. A submission was presented to Minister Canney regarding improvements and changes that could be made to the Act to prevent puppy farming and protect the most vulnerable in the animal welfare environment. It was a very successful meeting and hopefully it will lead to positive changes.

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    Irish veterinary practice tackling puppy farms head on with 'Puppy Contract'

    Ireland was recently nicknamed 'the puppy farm capital of Europe'.

    A recently launched 'Puppy Contract' is hoping to make a huge difference in the way that young dogs are bred, bought and treated in Ireland. Read more...


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    Vets want to combat puppy farms in Ireland through 'puppy contracts'

    Vets are trying to combat puppy farming in Ireland through a 'puppy contract.'

    Puppy farming can often lead to a lacking animal welfare and poor health situations for the dogs being bred there. Read more...

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    Village Vets

    To small to eat by herself!

    When Filippe and his girlfriend stumbled upon Phoebe the Pug on a DoneDeal website, the couple knew that she would be perfect for them.


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