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Pride Parade: Celebrate and revel in the special occasion of Pride with your dogs

Cheer up guys! It’s the most awaited time of the year again. The time has come where you will see people of all parts of the world come together for celebrating another year of Pride. Can you think of a better way to commemorate this occasion than attending it or even marching in the parade?

Each year we see animals, mostly dogs strutting around wearing their cute dog costumes and dog bandanas, rocking glittery and rainbow chic and being one of the main attractions of the event. Is it even possible to resist greeting and petting these dogs as they strut around in their rainbow pride attire.

The Pride Parade Dublin 2019 is going to take place soon and dog owners all across Ireland are busy training their dogs and picking out the perfect dog costumes, dog bandanas, and other cute outfits for their dogs. Do you want your dog to participate in the big parade? Do you think your dog is ready for the big parade?

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How to make sure your dog is up for the Pride Parade Dublin 2019?

What do you think makes for a brilliant parade? Of course, it’s the crowd. In the parade, there will obviously be a lot of people walking around so if you are looking for your dog to accompany you to the event, you will need to make sure that your furry friend is socially and emotionally prepared for it. There are times when the animals might feel overwhelmed with the crowds of people gathering around them as it might make them become scared or anxious. If you have a feeling that your dog might reach this way then it would be better to leave them at home and working on improving their confidence and calming them down during such situations first.

Even if you have a dog that is as cool as a cucumber, you should still make sure to praise their good behaviour by keeping a small bag of treats as you stroll around the area and reward your dog with treats throughout the event. Give them a treat anytime they do something good like performing a command at your request or greeting a new person as this will offset any worries that your dog might have had about being in a new environment as they will tend to focus on you rather than what is going on around them.

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Pride Parade: The perfect opportunity for your dog to socialize

In the case you have a puppy who has been vaccinated recently and is currently going through a socialisation period (up to an age of 12 weeks), then bringing your little buddy to the parade would be the perfect way of introducing them to newer situations and new people. But make sure you remember to give them an ‘out’ in case the situation is getting stressful or scary. Make sure that you don’t keep them out for too long as an hour is more than enough for your puppy to socialize and head back home.

Exposing your dog to as many new pets, people, places and situations as possible during their socialization period can be the key to raising a friendly and happy dog. It is essential in promoting good mental health as well as ensuring your dog feels confident around new people while you also feel confident when introducing your dog to anyone or bring your dog with you.

Village Vets: A trusted vet clinic for your pet concerns

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As the whole country is eagerly awaiting the Dublin Pride Parade , so are we. You can find some of the most exciting and cute Pride Parade dog bandanas for your dogs on sale in our clinics.