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Pet Health Plan

Do you have a health plan for your vet? If no, then it is highly recommended for you to get one soon!
Pet health plans are a great way of ensuring proper vet care for your dog, puppy or cat. It is not just an ideal way to ensure that your pet will get the best medical help all year around, but also a great way to save money without compromising any factors related to your pet’s wellbeing. Here are some of the most important ways in which having a pet health plan can help you in the long run:

Benefits of Pet Health Plan -

Free Vet Appointments

One of the best advantages of having a pet health plan for your dog, puppy or cat is the fact that with these plans you will get a free UNLIMITED vet appointments all year round. This means that once you have a pet health plan for your dog or cat, you will be able to visit any of our clinics whenever there is a need, 7 days a week!

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Annual Vaccinations

The second biggest benefit of getting a pet health plan for your dog or cat is that the plan will also include all the necessary free annual vaccination for your cat or dog. So, your dog will be vaccinated for kennel cough and your cat will be provided vaccinations to keep away from Feline leukemia. Vaccinations are vital to ensure good health for your pets, and the best way to get it done without unfailing results is by getting a pet health plan for your dog or cat.

Annual Health Check

Have you ever thought about the fact that your pet too needs an annual health check just like you? Well, if you want to ensure a healthy and disease free life for your pet than you must go for a pet health plan that will include a free annual health check for your cat or dog. Generally, annual health checkups for dogs or cats include annual blood and urine tests, and it is with the help of these tests that you can get to know about any potential health issue that might be affecting your pet. On the whole, getting an annual health check for your dog or cat is a great precautionary step to make sure that your pet gets all the required health attention at the right time.

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Parasite Prevention (Pet Health Plan Plus)

Another significant benefit of getting the pet health plan, plus version, for your dog or cat is that with this plan pet’s body will be parasite-free. Included in the Pet Health Plan Plus is a parasite prevention pack. In order to get the pack from your vet under a pet health plan (plus), you will also have to check in advance if your pet’s weight is under 50kgs or not. Because, when it comes to parasite prevention, most pet health plans only cover pets that are up to 50 kg.

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Discounts & Offers

Apart from all the above mentioned benefits of getting a pet health plan for your cat or dog, there are also a few other advantages that you get. For instance, your pet health plan might also include discounts and offers on certain food products and neutering for your pets. Hence, getting a pet health plan for your dog or cat not just ensures a good year-all health protection for your pets, but also saves you money on a number of pet care essentials that would have cost you much more if spent on exclusively outside of such health plans. Our plan offers 20% off all Royal Canin food so you can make sure your pet gets the best treatment all round.