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Is Getting a Puppy a Mistake(as a Christmas present)?


Some households mayhave found a ‘barking box’ underneath their tree this year and, as a result,their Instagram is now filled with pictures of a new puppy settling into their new home. Being gifted a forever-friend is a joyous occasion for both parties, but there is a notable rise in rehoming and adoptions directly after the festive period due to recipients not being able to, or not wanting to take care of their new friend. As Vets, this is something we can’t abide. 


Not Just For The Day 

The life of a newpuppy or kitten is a delicate thing; there’s training, bonding, feeding,cleaning-up-after-ing, minding, worrying, walking… the list really does go on. Unless you know (for a fact, because they have said it) that your intended recipient has the time, energy and effort to look after the equivalent of a small child, perhaps a puppy or kitten isn’t the best idea as a gift? As we always say to new owners, pets are friends for life; that should always be at the forefront of your mind. 


A Puppy for a Puppy 

Small kids and smallpets are known, famously, to get on really well with one another and it’s nosecret that one improves the life of the other ten-fold. Unlike their parents, kids will lack the foresight to know what’s involved with looking after the life of a pet and (what will normally tend to happen) you and your partner will be left to take care of their new friend. Pets, of course, can be greatlife lessons for kids, but perhaps start somewhere smaller than four legs? Fish make great companions when doing homework and can teach children the importance of a routine and keeping their pet’s home clean. Hamsters are also great first pets, Gerbils too, and both can be taught tricks in exchange for treats. We suppose the most important thing to take from this is that while it was got for them, it’ll most likely be you doing the looking-after! 

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Perfect Partners? 

Children make up thevast majority of pet recipients at Christmas, but significant others comprisethe minority, and it’s the male side of the partnership that tends to be the giver. Taking on with the life of a pet is a massive undertaking for a couple that works; who’s going to mind your pet while you’re away? What will the two of you do when going on holidays? Can you afford toys, treats and a decent food? If the answer to any of those questions is unclear for you, perhaps it’s best to get your partner something else. If you’re dead-set on getting the love of your life a puppy, always consult them first and make the decision as a couple – a puppy’s life and its minding is not a decision one person can make for another! 


Ethical Purchasing 

At Village Vets, we believe every pup deservesa good home. We also believe every pup deserves a good birth and proper careand treatment thereafter. We encourage you to first seek adoption shelters for your new forever-friend. However, we understand that the friend that’s right for you maynot be available. When buying from a breeder, please make sure that the pup’s health and welfare is put first at your chosen source. We detest puppy farms and the mistreatment ofanimals in general. If you havequestions on buying a new puppy or need advice on how to train your new best friend, you can always ring us or visit our Puppy Contract Page for more information! 


Regardless of it all, getting a puppy is an exciting time for any home and is something that brings happiness for many years after. No matter what breed they are, puppies have theinnate ability to capture the hearts and minds of anyone within viewingdistance! You can always contact us if you have questions or need advice with your new friend – we’re on hand 24/7 in emergencies and are open nearly all-year-round. 

For now, pet-pals, wesay adieu!