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Exercising with your puppy

Ideal exercises for your puppy

Ah, puppies; it’s a shame that they can’t be that small forever… As most owners will know, puppies can be a handful at the best of times (let’s not mention the worst). As such, we would forgive you for thinking that they don’t need any additional exercise, but the opposite is true. To grow up big and strong, puppies require plenty of activity; helping to promote good bone density and muscle. While certainly easier said than done, making sure your puppy is getting enough exercise is a walk in the park… literally!


Just as toys can aid the development of young children, toys can alleviate toothing pains, challenge your pup’s mental capacity and help them exercise. Take, for example, a simple rope toy; during the action of tug-of-war, your pup will be cleaning their teeth, building muscle in their jaws and legs, strengthening their gums and challenging themselves in friendly competition with you! Spend a little time each day playing with your pup and their toys – nine times out of ten this will be all the exercise they need!


When you feel that your pup is ready, they’ve had their vaccinations and booster jabs, you’ve trained them to walk at heel and they’ve learned to behave around other animals and people, it may be time to take them on their first, big walk. Pick an easy route to begin with -- a leisurely stroll to the local park on a nice day – and let them have the run of it upon arriving. Obviously supervision is still required, but between excitement and joy they’ll run themselves tired, leaving you with an exhausted puppy and a great night’s sleep ahead of them!

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Rain and inclement weather:

No one likes doing anything on rainy days, especially when it’s supposed to be Summer time. On days like those you’ll need to come up with another method of exercise for your growing pup. While playing with toys is a good example (like we mentioned above), creating your own games can be better. Hide and seek is a popular and easy game to play with your pet, so is catch or tag. Whatever game you decide on playing always make sure that you do so in a safe and controlled manner. The last thing anyone wants is broken plates and vases!

Other puppies:

While playtime with humans might be fun, playtime with a friend or relative’s puppy is better! Always make sure that the two dogs in question get along with one another beforehand. This can be accomplished by having them meet, briefly, on a number of occasions. Once you and your chosen friend are satisfied you can then begin to organise playdates for your two pups. N.B: Always check with the other owner that their bundle of joy has also had their vaccinations and booster jabs.


Ah yes, the other variable that we all wish would never grow up. Children and puppies are a match made in Heaven; one supports the growth of the other in many different ways. Having children interact with your puppy is not only good for the mental development of both, but is also a great method of exercise for all concerned. Whether it’s a game of fetch or a gentle wrestling match on the floor, your puppy will be exhausted from all the fun!

We hope that this has been an informative guide on some of the more unconventional ways you can get your puppy to exercise. Sure enough you can lead a horse to water, but making them drink is a different blog altogether. However, with these tips in your arsenal of tricks you should have no problem tiring your pup out with plenty of exercise.

Be good!