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About Village Vets

“Making lives better through excellence in veterinary care with our family of vets and nurses in each clinic.”

Our family have come on a long a journey since 1980 when our Dad, Karl, bought the Veterinary practice in Dunshaughlin. Like all families, we have grown and changed since then.

These days we are proud to be working with the best vets and nurses in Ireland across our state of the art clinics in Meath and Dublin. But one thing that hasn’t changed is knowing how important our team is to you, and understanding the important position your pets take within your family and also within our family.

Our unified brand, Village Vets, means we can provide an even more consistent and great value service to you across our clinics. As well as knowing that you will meet the same team every time you visit, you also have access to the new, larger support structure of the Village Vets team, including special benefits such as:

These improvements and the others that we will be rolling out mean that you can have complete peace of mind that we have the capability and resources there to support you when you need us most.

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Pet Health Plan

Our Pet Health Plans are a great way to save money and ensure your pet gets best veterinary care all year round Our plan is one of the only pet health plans that offer FREE Vet Visits for your pet!

  • All plans include unlimited free vet appointments* in our clinic during opening hours (We are open 7 days a week!).
  • They also include vaccinations (including kennel cough for dogs and Feline leukaemia for cats) and a comprehensive annual check up including an annual blood test.
  • Our Plus Plans  include regular free flea and worm prevention recommended by our vets for pets up to 50kg. So you can make sure your best friend is not carrying any extra passangers into your home.

Our Emergency Services

At Village Vets we understand that pets can become ill when we least expect it. That is why we provide an Emergency Vet Service 24/7 for all of our clinics, so you can rest assured that any time you call us, someone will be there on the other end of the line. We know how stressful emergency situations can be. Never hesitate to call us, or feel like you are bothering us with a trivial complaint; your pet's safety and welfare is our number one priority.

We are one of the few Emergency Vet Hospitals in Dublin & Meath that open on Sundays & Bank Holidays. Our Clonsilla and Dundrum Hospitals are open 7 days a week and will have access to all your medical records from any of our other practices. If your pet is on the Pet Health Plan, Sunday and Bank Holiday consultations are FREE (normal consult fee is €75).
To get through to our Emergency Vet out of hours, simply call your regular practice's number and you will be put through.

Village Vets Brands

Village Vets have a number of brands and websites we have created to provide our clients with all easily accessible information.

  • Just Cats - Dublin's cat only veterinary practice - This website is for our cats only veterinary hospital. We all know that cats can get very upset in a waiting room filled with barking & equally nervous dogs; especially when a curious canine comes up to your feline's carries to say hello! Here we are all about cat with the clinic specially build for your feline and staff specifically trained in feline veterinary. All you cat lovers can also find more information about how to are for your furry felines through our cats only blog. 
  • Emergency Vets - We understand that things go wrong when you least expect it. That is why our Veterinary clinics are also open at weekends and bank holidays. Good Veterinary care for our clients and their pets means being available every day especially during times when you need us most. Regardless of the day, we can carry out most veterinary procedures and diagnostics while you wait. Our team of Vets & Nurses are available 7 days a week. This allows your pet fast access to the treatment they need before it's too late.
  • Puppy Contract - Too often, we see and hear of dreadful cases of people – unknowingly – buying their pets from puppy farms, run by unofficial breeders whose primary aim is to profit off the sale of animals without much regard for their health or welfare. When buying a new puppy, it can be quite difficult to know what to look for in a good breeder. Village Vets launched the Puppy Contract to help you during that process. Our vision is that through educating the general public with our Puppy Contract, puppy farming will become policed through public expectations and will allow responsible and ethical breeding of dogs. The Puppy Contract should become a fundamental part of every buyer’s purchasing process to ensure they make educated decisions about the seller they are dealing with. It is only when buyers choose to purchase from reputable sellers, will we reduce, and hopefully someday, eliminate unethical breeding of dogs.

    Remember: Think Adoption First!

  • Village Vet Street Team - With 10,000 people homeless on the streets of Dublin, we are facing a homeless crisis that has never been seen in our country before. Many of these families and individuals walk and sleep on the streets with their beloved pets. We at Village Vets want to give these pets an opportunity to access our services as conveniently as possible to them. Our aim is to provide veterinary care on the streets of Dublin to those less fortunate than most. We understand how important a pet is in all our lives. We want to make life a little less stressful for pet owners who are homeless by being able to treat pets with the necessary veterinary care.
  • Village Vets @ DSPCA - This is our brand new partnership and we are very excited to be working the the DSPCA to continue to provide expert veterinary services! This new dynamic relationship between animal welfare charities and veterinary clinics. Both the DSPCA and Village Vets are very excited about the benefits that this will bring to the animal welfare sector overall. Coming together, both organisations will have a greater opportunity to make a more meaningful contribution.

Village Vets Campaigns

We are always trying to bring awareness to important issues regarding our favorite companions:

Operation Transformation

At Village Vets, we had an 'Operation Transformation' program that ran from January to March. Pet owners got their pet examined for weight free of cost during these months. If a pet was identified as being obese dietary advice was offered by one of the qualified vet nurses and provided with a diet chart to follow.

The biggest weight loser will win a year's supply of Royal Canin food (either dog or cat). It is worth mentioning here that last year it was Thinker, a 10 year old collie-cross that won the Operation Transformation weight loss contest. He lost over 3 kg within three months; this was possible due to the change in his diet that the Village Vets recommended.

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Stenotic Nares in dogs

Some people think your dog's excessive snorting is an endearing part of his personality. Yet you know your pooch is a mouth-breather because their stenotic nares (aka their nasal passages or nostrils) are too narrow. Fortunately, his nasal issue can be fixed by surgery. But what's the price of freer breathing?

Stenotic nares or narrowed nostrils are a common problem in breeds with "smushed" faces such as the French Bulldog, English Bulldog, the Boston Terrier, the Pug, and the Pekingese. The flat faced or shorted nose breeds of dogs are known as 'branchycephalic' breeds.

Stenotic nares are genetic, caused by a malformation of the cartilage in the nose. Whilst many people perceive the squashed wrinkly faces of Pugs, French Bulldogs and other flat nosed breeds as ‘cute’ or appealing, in reality dogs with short muzzles can struggle to breathe, even when doing day-to-day activities such as walking or eating.

Free Senior Health Check

As our pets age, their diet, exercise and lifestyle requirements change. It is important that we, as owners, recognise when our pet is slowing down and make adjustments to suit their changing needs. For example, we see a lot of older pets with mobility problems, most often due to arthritis. In these cases, a medication plan is often put in place, but we also must redesign their nutrition and exercise plan, as this is just as essential in order to obtain an optimal weight. Weight loss helps to keep pressure off delicate joints as pets age, which enables them to enjoy a longer, happier and pain free life. Indeed, it is not only joints that get achy with age. Older animals often suffer with dental conditions, eye problems, and vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys may also become compromised. So last October and November we held "Golden Paws" months where one of our nurses would preformed a full nose to tail examination completely FREE if your dog was over 8 or cat over the age of 9 (normal consult cost is €45 or FREE with our Pet Health Plan).

Don't forget to check our Facebook for our next campaign!

We are very proud of our veterinary team, most of whom have been working with us for many years. Everyone of us understands and appreciates the love that you have for your pets.
We are very honored to be trusted by you to provide your pet with the best possible veterinary advice and care.
We look forward to meeting you soon.