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What To Look For When Going To A Shelter

There are a number of dogs out there who are homeless and sick and need to be taken care of. Fortunately, dog shelters take care of as many dogs as possible.
Not all dog shelters are the same. Some of them do not believe in putting the animal to sleep, while some euthanize the dog in order to free it from its suffering and give it a peaceful end.
There can be two reasons why you will want to visit a dog shelter- either you want to give your dog away or you want to adopt one. In either one of the two cases mentioned, you need to first have a look at the shelter and make sure it is the right one.

See how the animals are kept

It is very important to see how they treat the dogs in a shelter. Whether their cages are kept clean or not, are the dogs given proper food, are they loved and treated well are a few factors you need to focus on.
Often in dog shelters, you will find a number of rescue dogs. Many of these dogs have violent and disturbing pasts and need utmost care and attention to recover from their trauma. You must observe how these dogs are taken care of.
See how the staff treats the animals. Are they caring and loving towards the dogs? When the animals are treated with love, they heal faster and have a healthy body and mind.

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Does the dog shelter accept animals that need a lot of care?

There are a few dogs that are really sick or old and have few or no chances of adoption. It is the duty of dog shelters to accept these animals and not turn them away. If treated well in time, most dogs can recover and live a healthy, happy life ahead.
If turned away, these animals are often abandoned and left to die in the woods or are dumped in secluded places. Sometimes, they are killed mercilessly.

Dog shelters that don't put animals down

There are a few shelters that say they do not put down the animal. However, there are cases when giving the animal a peaceful end becomes a must. In order to serve maximum number of dogs, a few dog shelters often euthanize the animals that are too old or have a disease that does not seem to get cured.

Do they have proper adoption criteria and an organization adoption process?

Dog shelters must ensure that the dogs that are being adopted are going into safe hands. In order to give the dog a good home, the shelter must check all the essential details of the family carefully.
A clean, healthy home and a good home environment is a must if you want to adopt a dog.

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Planning to adopt a dog?

You need to understand that adopting a shelter dog requires you to be patient and understanding. These dogs might take a lot of time to adjust and can often seem sad or depressed.
You must first ask yourself and your family if you are ready to bring a dog home. The atmosphere at home is very important for the dog. If there is constant noise at home, it can be troublesome for the dog and can make the dog anxious and restless.

You do not want your dog to be cold towards you

Shelter dogs can sometimes have a traumatic past. You must understand that you need to be very loving towards your dog. Make your dog feel wanted and be patient. If you will just let your dog walk about and will not try and make a bond with it, your dog will never become affectionate towards you.
Dogs are very sensitive animals and need to be taken care of with utmost understanding and patience. While looking for a dog shelter, ensure that the dog shelter treats dogs well and gives them all the necessities.
Whether looking for a shelter to adopt a dog or give your dog, make sure the dog shelter has a healthy environment. Proper food and medication shall be provided to the dogs and the dogs must never feel unwanted.