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Too small to eat by herself!

Maintain Vigilance While Buying Pets Online
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For Felipe and his wife, a new puppy was going to be a welcome addition to their family. When they stumbled upon Phoebe the Pug on a DoneDeal website, the couple knew that she would be perfect for them. She was the last one left of her litter, and was estimated to be about eight weeks old, the perfect age for a dog to start with dry food.

The After- Effects of Online Sale

When they reached home, they tried feeding her some kibble, but Phoebe refused them all. Furthermore, she was unable to chew them. To their horror, the couple discovered that Phoebe had worms in her stool as well.

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Felipe and his wife took Phoebe to Village Vets Cabra, where her bloated stomach was found full of worms. She was merely 0.44 kg, and the vet informed the couple that Phoebe was not eight weeks as advertised, but just three weeks of age.

The vet put Phoebe on a deworming medication, and instructed the couple to bottle feed milk to her four times a day for two weeks, after which she would be liable for her vaccinations. After the fortnight was over, she weighed over 1 kg, with all the worms dead, and Phoebe was looking much better.

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The Reality

Phoebe’s story had a happy ending. However, not all puppies share the same fate. An investigation by BBC Scotland spanning Ireland to Scotland determined that about 20% puppies who are bought online die within 6 months. (BBC Scotland 2015, The Dog Factory)

This happens because there are a number of illegal traders in the online market, who care more about making money, than actually focusing on the health of their animals. The internet gives these breeders the perfect opportunity to hide their evil practices.

With the rising increase in online buying, Village Vets warn everybody to be extremely careful, as the internet is perfect for such puppy farms, who can sell sick and injured animals online for a profit.

You can make a change!

When buying a new puppy, it can be quite difficult to know what to look for in a good breeder. Village Vets launched the Puppy Contract to help you during that process.To find out more check
Remember: think adoption first!

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