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Puppy Contract

Getting a puppy is an exciting time for any family home and one that brings happiness for many years after. No matter what breed they are, puppies have the innate ability to capture the hearts and minds of anyone within viewing distance! While many people decide to visit rescue and rehoming shelters, others decide to buy a puppy from a breeder. Buying a puppy from a breeder should be a straight forward transaction and without complications, but this area is still largely unregulated with many legal loopholes that make it easy for unscrupulous puppy farms to exist.

At Village Vets, we believe every pup deserves a good home. We also believe every pup deserves a good birth and proper care and treatment thereafter. We encourage you to first seek adoption shelters for your new forever-friend. However, we understand that the friend that’s right for you may not be available. When buying from a breeder, please make sure that the pup’s health and welfare is put first in your chosen source. We detest puppy farms and the mistreatment of animals in general.

You would think that it would be safe to assume that someone breeding and selling puppies would be kind hearted and caring; that they would never sell a puppy that was unfit or not suitable to be removed from their mother and sold on to a member of the public. This is, of course, the case with reputable dog breeders who have animal welfare at heart, but there are many others out there who don't.

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For years we have battled with the idea of buying puppies off the internet or from local notice boards without any background checks. Alas, the continuing evolution of the digital world we live in means that puppies will still be sold on the internet and people will still buy them. So, we have decided rather than fighting this, we want to begin helping potential dog owners make informed decisions about the puppy they buy. Our Puppy Contract not only helps the public to buy a puppy but also helps reputable dog breeders. It is a checklist of what to ask and look for when buying a puppy from someone you don't know. It also contains a contract for sale between you and the person selling the puppy to formalise the transaction. The contract also contains a list of important questions to ask your chosen seller. You can compare their answers with the ones on our puppy contract to make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable breeder. If you do encounter one of the aforementioned unscrupulous sellers, just walk away.

Of course, once you get your new forever-friend it’s important that they are given the once over by a qualified vet; mainly for your own peace of mind but also to make sure that they’re healthy and happy. Along with our Puppy Contract, we are always offering a free pre and post purchase consultation with our expert staff. This pre-purchase consultation will explain the contract and discuss which type of dog would be suitable for your home and lifestyle, while the post purchase consultation is a free health check that should be done on every new puppy as soon as you get them home. So, when you bring your paw-pal into us we’ll go through every particular to make sure that they’ve the best chance at a healthy and long life. We’ll also give you advice on what to feed, what toys to buy, the best ways to toilet train and so much more, enabling you to go home confident in your abilities!

If you still have questions on buying a new puppy or need advice on how to train your new best friend, you can always ring us or visit our Puppy Contract Page for more information!

But for now, pup-fans, we’ll see you in the New Year!