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Is Our Pet Health Plan Right For Your Puppy?

As sure as trees shed their leaves in Winter and grow them back for Spring; Puppies get into trouble. When you take on with a forever friend, you’re almost guaranteed to need a Vet at least once a year, even if it’s for something as simple as an annual booster or the all important worming dose. However, if you find yourself visiting your Vet more often than this, costs can quickly start to add up. With this in mind, we at Village Vets decided a long time ago that there must be a better solution. And so, our Pet Health Plan was born.

Suitable for puppies in particular, our Pet Health Plans give you and your paw-pal peace of mind when it comes to deciding to visit us. For an incredibly low monthly payment, you can give your pet access to a wide range of free services, as well as discounts and treats, while keeping your wallet or purse happy.

To help you decide if one of these plans are right for you, read on and have a gander at some (of a few) of the free services included!

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Free Visits:
Arguably the largest draw to our Pet Health Plan, free Vet Visits are the best cost-saving service we offer. Whether it’s something you’re unsure of or perhaps a founded concern in the behaviour of your friend, our Free Visits mean that you can book an appointment, drop in and see a qualified nurse or Vet absolutely free of charge.

Free Booster Vaccinations:

Protecting your puppy from what they can’t see is almost more important than protecting
them from what they can see. As part of our Pet Health Plan, your best friend will receive
their annual boosters which cover a wide range of illnesses, free of charge. We’ll also
remind you when it’s time for us to see them again, taking the hassle out of trying to
remember when they’re due.

Flea, Tick and Worming:

As part of our Pet Health Plan, your puppy will automatically be entitled to receive 20% off all
flea, tick and worming prevention packages. This is especially pertinent during the transition
from Spring to Summer and from Summer again to Autumn when flea and tick populations
are at their highest for the year.

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Free Annual Check-Ups:

While similar to the free visits mentioned earlier, our Annual Check-Up is a slightly more through affair. Once yearly, your puppy will be able to avail of our Annual Health & Wellness Check which includes an annual blood and an annual urine test (which are examined in our
Internal Lab). Without the Pet Health Plan, the value of this would normally be €100. Think of it like an NCT for your puppy (don’t worry, you’ll only need to see us once…); we’ll examine every inch of them and report back to you if we discover any irregularities, taking a load off your mind and theirs.

Further Discounts and Additional Features:
With our Pet Health Plan, you’ll receive 20% off all of our Royal Canin specialty diets and a snazzy 10% off on neutering. These are especially useful for new pups, giving them the best start in life that you could possibly offer them. We’ll also trim their nails for free, and that’s something we’ll do for life. And that’s not all! They’ll also be entitled to receive reduced Emergency Consultation Fees.


Weighing the Cost:
So, now that you know what’s included, it’s now time to reveal the cost of the plan. Take a moment and have a guess, visualise it, picture it in your mind’s eye how much you feel this plan should cost. Ready? Drumroll… For Dogs and puppies: €18 per month.
While that works out in or around the €200 mark, what’s included for free alone adds up to the same, not to mention the rest of our free services and bonus discounts that we have to offer those who avail of these plans.
In this day and age, your health is surely your wealth and it’s no different for our pets. Give them the best gift ever with one of our Pet Health Plans. If you have any other questions that we didn’t manage to cover, you can always ring us or have a gander here.
Alas, we must now bid you farewell, Animal Amigos. Toodle-pip!