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Bringing your puppy to the kennels

If you’re like me, your upcoming holiday was recently put on indefinite hold and, if you’re also like me, it certainly didn’t do you any good! However, it might not be this year, but holidays in warm countries will resume once again. So, the question is, what will you do with your pup while you’re off sunning yourself on a well-deserved break?
Of course, you could leave them with a neighbour or a friend, but the easiest solution is to have them stay with a reputable Kennel. Not only will they have their needs and wants taken care of, but you’ll be able to rest easy on your long-awaited holiday.
So, how would you prepare your pup for their own holiday? Funny you should ask, we’ve got just the guide!

Book early:
Like many pet owners come Summer and Autumn, you wouldn’t be the first looking to have your puppy or dog stay in a kennel. By booking early, literally the moment you know when you’re flying out, you can beat the crowds and guarantee a place for your pet (also guaranteeing your place on the beach).


Because your pup will be in the vicinity of other dogs and staying in a kennel previously occupied by a dog, having your puppy vaccinated is a requirement before most Kennels will even consider taking your pet in. Luckily, we do many vaccines and vaccinations as part of our popular puppy plan and even without it!

We normally recommend a puppy’s first vaccine to happen around the 6-8 week mark and then again after they are 10 weeks old. Finally, we would normally have them take a booster shot every year; just to make sure that their immune system is in tip-top condition. In summary:

• First vaccine from 6-8 weeks old

• Second vaccine from 10 weeks old

• Annual booster every year after that.

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In particular, we immunize puppies against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and leptospirosis. We also have an option to vaccinate against bronchitis (kennel cough).

By giving your pup their vaccines, you are granting them the best possible life they could have while also making sure they won’t pick up any nasties during their stay at the kennel. It also keeps them safe if you want to look at placing them in a free-to-roam centre!

Fleas and ticks:

Aside from vaccines, you’ll also want to look into having them wormed and treated for fleas. While also being another requirement in many Kennels, having your pup treated for fleas, ticks and worms will ensure that they don’t pick anything up during their stay, just like having them vaccinated. Even after they come home from their own holiday, it can be no harm to treat them for the same nasties again, just to be on the safe side.

Have Them Examined By a Vet:

If you plan on putting your puppy into a kennel, it’s a good idea to have them examined by a Vet. This can give you a sense of your pup’s general health and can address any underlying issues that may prevent them from enjoying their stay. A Kennel will normally want your pet to be in good health and you want your puppy to have a relaxing and enjoyable time at the kennel; the same as you’d like to have in your chosen destination!

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Special Requests:

Some puppies can be fussy. As such, it pays to make a list of all of the things that your pupper likes and doesn’t like, perhaps also their personality and whether they are ok to be in the presence of furry company. Most good Kennels will take these things into consideration while your pup is staying with them.

If your pet has any medication or specialty food they need, these can be left with the kennel to be given to them while your gone; this can include worming tablets (but it’s still better for this to be done before they go to the kennel). Enquiring about what your chosen kennel will take care of is probably the best advice we can give you!

We hope this quick guide helps you to understand what exactly you and your pup will need to do before either of you can go your on holidays. If you have any questions regarding puppy vaccinations or any of the other services mentioned above, you can always give us a call or visit our website here.

Au revoir!